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have been being engaged in to labor

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The expert's assistant, at the same year October, he starts fastenning a civil law to teach to grind room to serve as a teacher in the law.1953.In 1964, he successively allows a civil law to teach to grind room a pair director, director.Allow political law room of Chinese the people university Soviets Eastern Europe graduate school in August, 1964 director, allow political director in the law laboratory in the Soviets Eastern Europe graduate school in University of Peking in June, 1973, return Chinese people's university to allow to teach in 1978.1979 is invited as an associate professor, promote in 1986 for teach.Being concerned with ? the professor was theoreticallylaying nike air max thea womens foundation stoning of new labor method in China academics person and economic method to theoretically found in early days.Be concerned with ? to teach from 1950 Chinese people's university start to found a school and then have been being engaged in to labor the teaching and research that the method learns.In 1983, his copy chief published the first new China high etc. college method to learn to compile teaching material to labor a method to learn generally, system elaborated to labor the theory of method and put forward the standpoint of "labor method is adjust labor relation and relate to some law for relating tos of close contact with labor" for the very first time and labored a method academic theories theory to lay foundation for new China, and load in Chinese big encyclopedia?The method is learning a book, method to learn works like thesaurus,etc.In 1978, he publicly announced an economic method thesis orientation socialism construction demand, have to strengthen economic lawmaking to grind Investigate.In 1981, published economic lawmaking and economy judicatory, this is thought is opening of economic Chinese method mountain it make of a, put forward concept, theory and establishment of economic method economy judicatory of necessity, appeal in the court to establish economy judgment court.He was invited to serve as a method to learn a thesaurus in 1980 of often work plait Wei, and composed all phrases of concerning "economic method" and"labor method" among them, also is hired to serve as Chinese big encyclopedia?The method learns a plait Wei and serve as the copy chief of economic method academics and labor method academics among them.Being concerned with nike air max tn for sale ? the professor is the important push person of labor legal system in China construction and participation person, is also Chinese labor union legal theory to talk about to study the dollar that practices with lawmaking Xun.Since 1956, care professor the whole distanceses participated in to labor a drafting of method to draw up process.He actively pushes our country labor legal system system of perfect, always emphasize to labor the importance of method, advocate establishment to labor a contract method and promote employment law, collective contract method, wages method and occupation training the method, social insurance method and labor inspect a method, labor controversy processing method, labor controversy intermediation arbitrate method etc. particularly item labor law, raise the operability and authority of laboring the method.Special at labor union method lawmaking, the care professor's system elaborates Labor union method basic theory and labor union method relationship with labor method, constuct aspect in system construction and theory system of labor union method, the care professor did major contribution.Being concerned with ? the professor is the pioneer of new labor method in China education, he from cradle to the grave make a living by writing with no stop, is laboring a method to learn, the economic method learn to etc. research realm to obtain a plenteous achievement.Be concerned with ? a professor to announce thesis more than 300 articles from cradle to the grave, publish work and teaching material more than 30 departments.It represents sex Zhao to say to have:Sacred nike air max 90 hyperfuse mens right.Be concerned with ? a method to learn a collection of essays, economic lawmaking and economy judicatory, economic method thesis to choose, labor the method learn, the method learn general outline and labor method, economic method, labor a method to learn a foundation, business enterprise method to talk, does the People's Republic of China labor method guided reading and China to labor method academic chair, the People's Republic of China method database?The social method book(copy chief), labor method and society guarantee a method forum(1-5 Jis), etc..It represents sex thesis to have:New China is truely and freely labor of nation, theory our country the citizen's labor right, draw up a new labor union method is the demand, new period of new period to need the important achievement that the new labor union method, new period labor union legal system constucts-newto 1950of inherit with development, of establishment process and

a brigade to recognize a person

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The police substation work of Xu Jia Jing, marry a girl area again later on public security official branch office government Wei loves Qin's daughter, rise to allow several years later south Jin Du police substation pair bureau chief.According to Chen the colleague just introduced, Chen just at wreath Wei work depressed.Qin Xing's elder brother, Qin Jun, (happy joy suspect take to protect to await trial) tells a northern green report reporter, Chen just did to suspend payment a procedure at that time, a month only have 78100 dollars of wages."Every day he is to play mahjong, get to the Internet, go to bed three matters, sometimes goes out for none of 23 days of".Qin Jun speaks,reebok gl 6000 for sale before love fate starts practice, Chen just once once did a vehicle procedure for person as well, the Zheng is some extra incomes, "the state always hands over Jing there he also had an acquaintance, can for somebody else run for a while".After the happy joy case delivers, the Tang Hui family once arrived always state to hand over Jing to pay a brigade to recognize a person.Detection drive identify Piao once was old to lead happy happy Liu Jiang was a police whom the brigade service's hall carried out business.On September 7, 2012, always police department in the state City political department director, Zhang Luo, reveal to the northern green report reporter, Chen just once gave after the happy joy occurrence repeatedly once found out a case circumstance, therefore where save a Wei survey set survey behind is corresponded a punishment."At that time what repeatedly very special in the position in the system, some affairs he as long as in brief asked to handle a case the person for a while Who isn't the meeting understand?"Zero Ling area an old police officer comment on privately and like this.According to understand, after the happy joy case takes place, the state public security official's system always once adjusted what repeatedly to connect the inside bridge police substation to work.After Tang Hui's affairs is paid attention to, what repeatedly be again adjusted a Phoenix park to hand over a Central Police University brigade to go to work.Have approach what repeatedly of personage tell a northern green report reporter, in order to set aside Weng Xu to relate to, he once carried out with loves Qin's daughter a divorce, "however 2 people's life is as usual".In August, last year, the reporter hands over a Central Police University in the Phoenix park staff member's Mr. Dui show column up see repeatedly of photograph, at that time reebok gl 6000 cheap it under of the job was "Anne's section chief Xuan Gu".The excellent party member, famous jurist and outstanding method of Communist Party of China learns educator and new China to labor a method academics to lay foundation stone person and Chinese people university to labor a method academics to lay foundation stone a person, Chinese the social method learn a research will honorary chairman and Peking City the labor and society guarantee the method academic association honorary chairman, China professor in the national general labor union legal adviser committee member of committee, Chinese people university, law school be concerned with ? comrade, housebound salvage invalid, pass away in Peking during 17:01 on March 29 of 2014, enjoy a year 86 years old.Be concerned with ?, original Ju in the pass house, Henan suppress a teacher person, was born on June, 19273.Once served as a China whole country always The labor union tenth goes to the 12th presidium member of committee and Peking City to the 12th executive committee member of committee, China national general labor union the 11th person greatly often Wei will the legal system constuct adviser etc..In 1992, be reviewed for"special contribution expert in State Department", get "be engaged in a method to learn research and teaching for 50 years, certificate of honor" that Chinese method academic association distributes in 1999, get China to labor "the labor legal theory talks about to study an outstanding contribution prize" that the method research will distribute in 2004.Being concerned with ? the professor dedicated a body at the earliest stage Chinese method to lately learn one of the educational professors.Be concerned with ? to teach to test into a dynasty in 1946 sun university law to fasten.In the interval, he throws in revolution and actively takes part in student's sport, is one of the leader that the student exercised at that time, and becamenike air max 95 bb cheap the member of the youth organization"green work" of party leadership.In August, 1948, party organization for the sake of protection student progress strength, arrange care the professor get into to hope at third hand medium liberation area, at north China the university political college studies, graduation after stay work in the school.Join Communist Party of China in March, 1949.In September, 1949 adjust to go into is allowed a president by the Xie Jue Zai comrade of Chinese government method university work.In March, 1950, the care professor becomes Chinese people university law for setting up of new set to fasten a group of teachers, start serving as at that time a Soviets

the good atmosphere of participation stanza water

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Kind inner part management, the exaltation circulates an efficiency and combines this water price adjustment, the city belongs to a water supply business enterprise already to society public supplied water cost three years ago.From now on, supply water a business enterprise in addition to beard before the fee hike to society public front in the Year 3's in addition to cost, annually return will periodical to society publicly last the Year 1's cost, extensively accept social direct.(Five)strengthen whole social stanza water consciousness.City water works to wait section to want to well develop the functions, such as organization and volunteer group...etc. of the each profession association, environmental protection, further perfect stanza water system, actively expand stanza water technique, enlarge stanza water publicity, initiate the life and consumption habit of stanza water type, construct whole social common the good atmosphere of participation stanza water.On March 31, this newspapers and nike air max tn womens magazines delivers reputation dispute to lead long a Jian after hasing a great achievement Yi cloud to report the leave, the state young female always forces to prostitute case principal offender Qin Xing and local police to exactly exist what relate to, again become the focus that the reader pays attention to.Youth in Peking reports a reporter through in many ways survey confirm, "love fate" prostitutes a regiment member in those early years with zero the Ling area public security official's system some personnels related to closely.Before the custody center leave has a great achievement affairs occurrence, once had the police as Qin Xing from the Jian inside continuously delivered letter, even the magistracy pair bureau chief is also its"found out details of case" everywhere.Not Lead to prostitute a regiment concerning the backstage protection umbrella of survey processing the circumstance need announcement up to now.Prostitute the store owner Jing schools to be from an office file to suggest, before Chinese New Year 2006, Qin Xing with his male friend Chen just started conducting the recreational house of love fate.(called love fate as follows)BE doing not get to half year inside, the number of prostitute in store expanded into 8 people from 2 people and had daughter Tang Hui whom quilt's soldier Hui(made forcible rape, forced to prostituted offense to penalize death penalty be waiting for rechecking) for week abducted to enjoy among them.(use alias, year disaffection 11 years old)The northern green report reporter investigates and discovers, "love fate" owner Chen just had a public security officialnike air max thea sneakers to do study background in the school in those early years, therefore had energy in the local law enforcement.He with allow south Jin Du police substation pair bureau chief what repeatedly(love fate place magistracy supervisor Xing Zhen) of relation more right and wrong the same sort.Another heavy identity of the latter BE, zero Ling area public security official branch office government Wei loves Qin's son-in-law.The Chen He Er people's relation can trace back to their father generation.According to the survey, what repeatedly of father, He Long Sheng, is a pair place class in personnel bureau in state City to always lead a staff, new farmland new person in the Yu town, once successive holder zero Ling regions always the Wei organization department in state City vice minister, personnel bureau chief Ju, always national training center of public official in state City(the soldier turn staff training center )Jobs like director,etc.In 2009, what the investigation member post retire from the pair.Chen father, Chen Xiang Ji, just is also a new farmland person, the soldier turned a staff and once allowed always personnel bureau section chief of state City, 2 years older than He Long Sheng.The family members dormitory area in personnel bureau in state City northern green report reporter always finds out, Chen just repeatedly and ever lived in the same dormitory building, and"grew up together since childhood, related to very iron".Chen just gave an account that 1994-1997 years he studied in always public security official stem school in state City, the northern green report reporter further checked and actually discovered, he was a Wei what to pass in examination in those early years Pei class.According to August 31, 1994, zero Ling region descendnike air max 95 bb for sale the No.199417 document of hair show:These livinged a source to belong to "public security official the stem took advertising for employees of care in the Jing sons" at that time, graduation after, "reduced member index sign to recommend a grass-roots unit work of public security official according to the nature in every year".However arrived Chen to just graduate this policy occurrence variety, he not ability fulfill a wish become a police.Its wreath Wei said the colleague, Chen just once did a burst of seasonal worker in the police substation and just became wreath Wei under the help of father in the personnel bureau afterwards system formal officers and workers.Compare under, what repeatedly of the life road then have to be smoothly many.He passes to test stem to get into the region's best police substation after graduating.

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